The "Heiress"
The Heiress Mandalorian helmet is based of the character Bo Katan from The Mandalorian.  Pre-order yours today.

The "Heiress"

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The "Heiress" - Pre-Order

The "Heiress" is the redesign of our popular "Owl" Mandalorian helmet and is inspired by Bo Katan in her newly released live-action entrance into The Mandalorian.  We are currently in the construction phase of the helmet which should be released within the month of December.  Pre-order yours today!

Four options to choose from!

The Kit - This helmet is DIY (Do It Yourself) and comes to you raw out of the mold. A moderate level of skill and experience may be needed to put it together. You will need to cut out the area of the eyes. The helmet may need to be sanded before painting. The included visor can be installed using the hardware that is provided. Padding is also included.

The Installed Visor - Like the DIY Kit, this helmet is shipped raw out of the mold, however, the area of the visor has been removed, filed down smooth and the dark-tinted visor has been pre-installed.   Final sanding, paint, and padding is still DIY

Primed Black - Ready to wear out of the box, the helmet comes pre-sanded, painted with a flat black primer, and has the visor and padding installed.  It is ready to accept a paint scheme of your choice or can be worn as-is and black.  

Design Your Own - You design it and we bring it to life.  This option is for those not wanting to tackle any portion of the DIY.  It is ready to be worn out of the box and is painted to your specifications including damage.  

Helmet Includes:

- Ear caps, rangefinder, attachments. 
- One (1) visor bent to fit.
- Four (4) machine screws and washers.
- Five (5) helmet pad squares.


The "Heiress" Mandalorian helmet fits most with an opening of 10 1/2” from front to back and 7 1/2” from side to side.

We prefer this measurement instead of circumference because most times, once you pass your head in to the opening, the helmet will fit without a problem.


Shipping time:

Each of our custom, Ready-to-Wear helmets require 6-8 weeks to complete prior to shipping.

**If you need a helmet within 4 weeks, please select “Priority” from the drop down to ensure we ship your item quicker for a rush fee.**

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.