The 'Variant Scout' - DIY Unfinished Kit | The Iron Forge
The 'Variant Scout' - DIY Unfinished Kit | The Iron Forge
The 'Variant Scout' - DIY Unfinished Kit | The Iron Forge
The 'Variant Scout' - DIY Unfinished Kit | The Iron Forge
The 'Variant Scout' - DIY Unfinished Kit | The Iron Forge

The "Variant Scout" - DIY Kit

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The "Variant Scout" - DIY Mandalorian Helmet Kit

The "Variant Scout" is a newer and sleeker addition to one of our most popular Mandalorian helmets. It is approved by the Mandalorian Merc Costuming Club as a modern era helmet. It is sexy, sleek, and stylish. It looks great with a costume, on display, or with a suit and tie. 

DIY Unfinished Helmet Kit:

This helmet is DIY (Do It Yourself) and comes to you raw out of the mold.  A moderate level of skill and experience may be needed to put it together, including removal of the visor area, sanding, painting, and assembly. The visor is included and can be installed using the hardware provided. Padding is also included. 

Helmet Includes:

- Two (2) unique sided ear caps and antennas. 
- One (1) visor bent to fit.
- Four (4) 3/8” machine screws and washers.
- Five (5) helmet pad squares.

How to build your helmet:

1) Trim the material away from the eye areas.
2) Using varying levels of sandpaper, remove any blemishes and the seam line.
3) Using mild detergent and water, remove any dust and mold release from the entire helmet.
4) Paint the helmet using any type of paint you choose.
5) Install the included visor using the provided hardware.
6) Glue in the provided helmet padding or another padding alternative. 

Not sure you can DIY?

We also offer several additional options for you for any not comfortable with the DIY option. 
a) DIY helmet kit with a pre-installed visor. 
b) Ready to wear helmet painted with a flat black primer. 
c) Design your own helmet with up to any three-color paint scheme. 
(This includes damage and solid colors but excludes complicated logos and designs.) 


The "Variant Scout" Mandalorian helmet fits most with an opening of 9 1/2” from front to back and 8” from side to side.

We prefer this measurement instead of circumference because most times, once you pass your head into the opening, the helmet will fit without a problem. 

Shipping time:

Each of our DIY helmets require 4-6 weeks to complete prior to shipping.

**If you need a helmet prior to 4 weeks, please select “Priority” from the drop-down to ensure we ship your item quicker for a rush fee.**

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.